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Plumbing Preventive Maintenance: 5 Simple Tips To Use Now

Plumbing preventive maintenance can save homeowners time, money and hassle. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know the simple tips that can help them avoid costly repairs in the future. Read on to discover five tips that can help you keep your plumbing in good shape.

1. Keep Your Kitchen Sink Clear By Reducing Trapped Grease

The kitchen sink can be one of the most common plumbing problem areas, but it doesn’t have to be. The biggest problem is trapped grease, which can be avoided in a few ways:

  • Put as little grease down the kitchen sink as possible.
  • Wipe out greasy pans with a paper towel before you wash them in the sink.
  • Use a degreaser regularly – this can help prevent build-up and help you avoid a clogged sink.

2. Keep Your Shower Free From Trapped Hair

The best plumbing preventive maintenance you can do in the shower is to install a drain catcher, which will prevent hair and other objects from getting sucked down your drain. The number one cause of slow-draining showers is trapped hair.

3. Keep Your Dryer Lint Free

Always clean the lint trap on your dryer, and consider installing a lint catcher on the laundry drain hose to catch any additional lint.

4. Your Garbage Disposal Is Thirsty

The main plumbing preventive maintenance tip for your garbage disposal is to let the water run. You should run plenty of water before, during and after you use it. If it’s not running right, check under the unit for a reset button.

5. Regularly Check for Leaks

You goal is to find small problems before they become huge ones. Regularly take a look around any exposed pipes, toilets, sinks and other appliances.

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