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Pay Attention to the Terms of the HVAC Warranty and You Won’t Void It

An active HVAC warranty can help you avoid any financial surprises when you have an unforeseen system problem. It’s important to take care of this protection, since it can save you a good deal of money. If you’ve just installed a system, want to extend your existing warranty, or if you just purchased a home with a warranty, take note of the conditions that can keep your warranty active.

  • Have it installed by a licensed HVAC contractor. An unlicensed contractor will void most manufacturer’s warranty. Most states in the U.S. and municipalities require licensing for HVAC contractors because of the safety issues associated with high-voltage electrical equipment and gas lines. Some manufacturers only sell their equipment to licensed HVAC contractors of their choice, and if that’s the case, they may not honor the warranty if it was installed by someone who was not a factory-authorized contractor.
  • Register the warranty. Be sure to get the warranty information from the installation team and register it before it expires. Some companies let you complete this process online, while others ask you to mail it.
  • Perform maintenance. Nothing voids an HVAC warranty faster than not maintaining your system. The warranty documents should explain what you need to do, like change the air filter routinely, and what a licensed contractor needs to do.

Besides keeping the warranty valid, routine maintenance can lengthen the life of your system and keep it running efficiently. When your system is installed, ask the team how you’d benefit by having a service agreement for scheduled maintenance.

  • Keep the receipts and paperwork. Doing so will show the manufacturer that you’ve had a scheduled maintenance check, as well a as filter change.
  • Use parts specified by the manufacturer. Make sure any parts that need replacing have the manufacturer’s approval for your particular system.

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