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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Commercial HVAC System

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New Year’s resolutions are a common tradition as the current calendar runs out. Some are easier to follow than others, but resolutions that can save you money and energy should be appealing enough to help you keep your resolve. Here are some HVAC resolutions that you can apply to your commercial HVAC system when you ring in the new year. If you stick to them, you’ll have more money and a more comfortable home by the time the next batch of New Year’s resolutions are ready.

Change air filters regularly.

Probably the easiest and simplest of HVAC resolutions is making regular air filter changes. Air filters help clean the air in your commercial building, but they also contribute to HVAC system performance and efficiency. Dirty, clogged filters can lead to HVAC malfunctions and breakdowns. Check filters at least once a month, or more often if your indoor air tends to have large amounts of particulates. Change filters when they get dirty to maintain equipment performance.

Install programmable thermostats.

Programmable thermostats give you considerable control over the operation of your heating and cooling systems. Whereas standard mercury switch thermostats are little more than on/off switches, programmable models let you choose when, how often, and at what level your HVAC system runs. Programmable thermostats come with pre-programmed set points that can be used to reduce HVAC system operation during times when it’s not needed, such as when your business is closed in the evening. The thermostat can then automatically increase heating and cooling in the morning to ensure the indoor area is comfortable before opening for the day.

Find and seal air leaks.

Air leaks are more than a simple nuisance. They can cause substantial loss of conditioned air and increase your heating and cooling costs dramatically. When you have air leaks, you not only lose air you’ve already paid to heat or cool, you also have to pay to condition additional air to make up for the loss. This is extremely wasteful of both energy and money. Look for leaks and drafts around doors and windows, around areas where pipes or wires penetrate the walls, and locations where the building frame contacts the foundation or attic floor. Also make sure that the ductwork of your HVAC system is well sealed; leaks in this air distribution network can be especially wasteful. You can have a professional energy audit performed that can pinpoint even the smallest leaks.

Keep your HVAC system clean.

Over time, the indoor and outdoor units of your HVAC system will accumulate debris and dirt. Make sure these areas are kept clean and free of any obstructions that could interfere with HVAC performance. For example, clean away leaves, sticks, dirt, mud, animal nests, and other material from around the outdoor cabinets. Make sure grass, tree limbs, hedges, and other vegetation is trimmed to provide plenty of clearance around the cabinet. Keep the area around the indoor equipment free of boxes, furniture, or objects that could be an obstacle to HVAC system performance or access.

Schedule regular preventive maintenance.

Regular preventive maintenance may be the most important of the HVAC resolutions you can make this year. Call your HVAC professional for a maintenance appointment about a month before you expect to start using your heating or cooling system regularly. This gives your technician plenty of time to check your HVAC equipment thoroughly. Your HVAC pro will inspect your heating and cooling systems from end to end and will make adjustments and minor repairs that ensure the equipment works at its best. Regular maintenance also helps identify potential problem areas that could become larger issues later.

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