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New Features to Look for in an HVAC System

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The HVAC industry continually strives to improve its products by designing HVAC system features that improve energy efficiency and comfort. Some of the latest enhancements include sophisticated mechanical components, while others use simple technology to improve convenience and durability.

Mechanical upgrades include:

  • Systems equipped with variable-speed technology sense the cooling or heating load indoors and adjust their operating speed accordingly. The systems only run at top speed with the conditioning load is high, and as a result, energy costs drop while comfort increases.
  • A variable speed air handler adjusts the speed of the blower, running on high infrequently. Since it runs longer, it removes more humidity in the cooling mode and traps more airborne particulates in the air filter.
  • Compressors equipped with TXV valves adjust the amount of refrigerant they send indoors based on the cooling load. When the compressor doesn’t work as hard, it saves energy.

Other HVAC system features you may want to consider include:

  • Filter check light. A clean air filter goes a long way toward keeping the system running as efficiently and dependably as possible. A system equipped with this light helps you remember to check the filter and change it when it’s dirty.
  • Fan delay switch. This switch continues to run the fan a few minutes after the HVAC system has shut off. It saves energy because it distributes the conditioned air inside the ducts that would otherwise go to waste inside the ductwork.
  • Matched condensing coils. Central heat pumps and air conditioners use metal fins that attach to the condensing coil in the outdoor condenser. The fins help dissipate the heat and cool the hot refrigerant from your home faster. When the coil and fins are made from the same metal (copper or aluminum), the system runs more efficiently and lasts longer.

These new HVAC system features help save money, energy and increase satisfaction.

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