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Never Put These Things Down the Drain

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Even though it’s so convenient to dispose of many things down the drain, it can be hard on your home’s plumbing, your local waste management provider, and even the environment. Some things are obvious, but others less apparent.

Garbage Disposal

Avoid putting food into the garbage disposal that’s too dense, starchy, or fibrous, such as:

  • Bones, fruit pits and corn cobs.
  • Potatoes and peelings, rice, pasta and beans.
  • Celery, artichokes, corn husks and pea pods.
  • Coffee grounds or egg shells.

These items can jam up a garbage disposal or clog sewer lines.


Over time, one of the worst things you can put into sink drains is grease or fat of any kind. It coats the insides of the pies and eventually causes a blockage that will need to be cleared by a professional. Combustible liquids like oil paints, thinners, or finishes should never be put down the sink. Avoid washing produce stickers into the sink, since they can collect on the sides of the pipes.


Regardless of the package’s instructions, avoid flushing these items down the drain:

  • Flushable cat litter — If the litter doesn’t exit the drain line fast enough, it can collect in the pipes and cause serious clogs. Even if it makes it to the sewage disposal plant, the litter may carry toxoplasmosis. If the treated sewage is used for any other purpose as reclaimed water, any remaining cysts could harm an unborn fetus.
  • Baby wipes — These may not degrade fast enough to clear the sewer line, and can accumulate, eventually causing a problem for which you’ll probably need a licensed plumber. If they make it to the sewage treatment plant, they can clog up those facilities.
  • Cotton balls, facial tissue, or paper towels — They don’t degrade fast enough and can collect in the sewer line.

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