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Is My Home a Good Candidate for Geothermal Heating and Cooling?


Since a significant portion of the sun’s energy is absorbed and stored in the ground, geothermal pumps can serve as an efficient method for heating and cooling your home. However, not all homes are suited for geothermal heating and cooling. Your home’s ability to support a geothermal system often depends on several factors including property characteristics and budget. Here is how to determine if a geothermal heating and cooling system is right for you.

Property Characteristics

Before purchasing a geothermal system, it’s important to consider whether your property can support the type of construction required for installation. Drilling is necessary, as a geothermal system requires a series of pipes to be installed underground. Also, certain soils and landscapes make the installation process difficult or require a larger loop system.

Yard Size

Considering the size of your property is important, because it will help you determine which type of geothermal system is best for you. Geothermal systems consist of a pipe system that circulates a heat-carrying solution from your home, to the pump and to the earth (and back again). Therefore a piping system must be installed on your property. While there are both horizontal and vertical designs, it’s important to remember that urban homes with small properties often aren’t great candidates.


If you’re living in an area with high energy prices, then a geothermal system may be a great option. You can expect to save a significant portion on your monthly utilities, especially if you keep your system in good shape. Also, there are large tax credits and rebates available for homeowners who install a geothermal system. The downside is that these systems are often expensive to install and the loop installation process often needs to be followed-up with landscape work or even driveway repaving.

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