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Mold: Strategies to Keep It Under Control

Are you worried about mold or mildew in your home? Have you found those typical black fuzzy telltale signs on walls, in the bathroom or in other damp areas? This unsightly problem is something you’re going to want to quickly address. Left untreated it will spread, damaging interior surfaces and potentially becoming a health issue as well.

Fixing the Problem

If you’ve found mold growing, there are three strategies you need to put in place straightaway.

They are:

  • Assessing the exact nature of the problem
  • Doing repairs and preventing mildew from recurring, and
  • Removing the existing growth.


First, determine the source of the dampness. Is it the result of a seeping pipe, a leak in the roof, a problem with the heating and cooling system or humid air getting trapped in the house in some way? If it’s not obvious how the problem is occurring, it’s probably time for you to speak to an expert in treating mold and also assess the air quality in your home.

Repair and Prevent

Fixing the issue may be as simple as getting a plumber to repair a leaking pipe. On the other hand, you may need to hire qualified people to clean and repair your HVAC system, replace filters and so on. Poor air circulation in home spaces may require a ventilation device to keep air dry and stop fungal growth from returning.

Clean and Remove

You may be able to handle the clean-up yourself with hot water and disinfectant, and just scrub the muck away. If the problem is extensive, or you’re worried about breathing in mold, see about getting a local professional HVAC company to do the job for you and take the problem off your hands.

Our expert staff are happy to discuss any mold problems you may face, and help you with proposed solutions including a free assessment. Our goal is to help educate our customers in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC & plumbing systems). Please contact us today at Sobieski Services.

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