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Mechanical Construction Requires Expert Pipefitters

Blue Wavy DesignBuilders in the mechanical construction trade rely on expert pipefitters to properly install pipe networks that will safely and reliably transport a variety of solids, liquids and gases from one place to another. Pipefitting is a highly skilled trade, and if your construction or remodeling project requires the services of a pipefitter, be sure you or your contractor hires expert pipefitters with the proper training, credentials and certifications. Here’s a brief guide to what pipefitters’ responsibilities can include on a mechanical construction job.

Mechanical construction involves the design, installation and repair of infrastructure such as HVAC equipment, plumbing networks, ductwork systems, sprinkler systems and transport systems for solids, liquids and gases. Within this area, pipefitters are responsible for installing and fixing pipes that carry substances such as water, steam, air, solid waste and other material from place to place. Expert pipefitters can be needed for projects in all areas of commercial, industrial and residential construction and remodeling.

Pipefitters will commonly perform tasks such as:

  • Placing, installing and connecting pipes, connections and fixtures.
  • Determining how much raw material or other supplies will be needed for the pipe installation job.
  • Studying and interpreting blueprints and design documents to ensure proper placement of pipe systems.
  • Cutting, sawing or otherwise custom-sizing pipe segments to ensure correct length.
  • Creating holes and penetrations in walls, floors and ceilings for pipe routing.
  • Testing and inspecting newly installed and existing pipe systems, networks and pipelines to ensure proper installation and operation. Testing will also ensure that the pipe systems are watertight and airtight and do not have any leaks, damage or imperfections that interfere with the transport of material.
  • Examining and troubleshooting pipe systems that are not working properly and repairing or correcting piping problems.
  • Interpreting and applying state and local building codes to make sure all required standards, laws and regulations have been met.

Expert pipefitters are often called upon to install piping systems that carry volatile or dangerous substances.

  • A hospital construction or remodeling job may require a pipefitter to install a network of pipes for oxygen distribution to patient rooms, operating rooms or other treatment facilities.
  • A factory may need a pipefitter to put together a piping network to drain or move toxic waste, acids, industrial chemicals or other potentially harmful material.
  • A manufacturing facility that uses ovens or other heating devices may need a complex system of gas supply pipes to fuel the equipment.
  • A research and development facility may need piping systems to reliably transport harsh chemicals or materials with unknown properties.

The potential dangers involved in many types of commercial and industrial piping systems require the services of expert pipefitters. In such cases, piping systems must be installed to exacting safety and performance standards. Owners and operators must be assured that their processes will not be impaired by poorly installed pipe systems. They must also be confident that the piping in their facilities is safe for their employees to work around and that the piping will perform as needed with the least possible chance of leaks, breaks, explosions or other failures.

Pipefitters sometimes specialize in specific types of pipe systems.

  • Gasfitters concentrate on hospital systems that provide clean, reliable oxygen supplies for patients.
  • Sprinkler fitters install and repair sprinkler systems and similar fire-suppression pipelines in homes, businesses and factories of all sizes.
  • Steamfitters put in strong, heavy pipe systems that transport steam under high pressure. Steamfitters are often found working in power plants and factories that rely on high-pressure, high-temperature steam pipes.

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