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Making A Switch To Solar? Here’s The Facts You Need To Get Started

SunflowersIf you’re interested in achieving the most significant energy savings you’ve ever experienced, going solar could be solution you have been waiting for. Before you jump right into it, take these steps to get started.

  • Call a solar-panel dealer for a consultation: The solar dealer will have a checklist to help decide if your home is eligible for solar panel installation.
  • Assess your home’s orientation: In regions north of the equator, the location that will generate the most solar energy is a south-facing roof that’s free of shade cover. The roof will be tested by the dealer to determine its monthly and yearly solar power generation potential.
  • Establish whether your roof is large enough: One solar module will take up about 15 square feet of space on your roof. You may desire more than one, but your roof’s size will set limitations.
  • Make sure you’re aware of local building codes and any neighborhood building restrictions: If you are in a housing association, you will probably be required to submit your plans for solar installation in advance.
  • If necessary, upgrade your Internet: Many solar installations provide you with a performance monitoring system online. To take advantage of this, you will need Internet access at home.
  • Ensure correct electrical wiring and utility service: There are many specifications that must be met for a solar power system to function properly. Your dealer will assess every aspect necessary to ensure compliance and excellent solar performance.
  • Determine whether your utility company has any incentives for solar power generation: You may be able to receive credit for at least part of the electricity that is generated by your home solar system. Do your research to see if there are energy thresholds you must pass to qualify for solar incentives and rebates from your utility company.

Once you have completed these initial steps, you’ll be ready to watch your utility bills drop as your carbon footprint shrinks as well. Monetary savings and environmental benefits are what residential solar panels are all about. Want to learn more about solar heating? Contact us today for more information.

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