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Making The Most Of The EnergyGuide Label

Cozy HomeIf you’ve spent any time shopping for new HVAC equipment, you’ve probably seen the bright yellow EnergyGuide label. And if you know how to read it, the label will help you make a wise purchasing decision, which can result in the greatest energy savings possible.

As you examine the EnergyGuide label on the equipment you’re interested in, start in the upper left corner. This is where the equipment’s key features are listed. These features are also found on similar models so you can better compare energy efficiency between them.

In the upper right corner, you’ll see the manufacturer, model and size. Look at this to ensure the label is placed on the correct piece of equipment.

The largest component of an EnergyGuide label is the estimated yearly operating cost, which is written in bold writing along with a cost range of similar models. The cost written here is primarily so you can compare efficiencies between similar models. The number isn’t the most accurate idea of what you’ll actually pay to operate the equipment because it’s based on the national average cost of energy. In short, the lower the estimated yearly operating cost is along the scale, the more efficient it is in comparison with similar models.

Centered at the bottom of the EnergyGuide label is the estimated yearly electricity use, which is written in kilowatt-hours. This is where you can more accurately calculate what it will cost to operate the unit. All you need to do is multiply this number by the local gas or electricity rate in your area, which can be found on your utility bills.

If you see the Energy Star logo in the lower right corner of the EnergyGuide label, it means you’re looking at a premier piece of HVAC equipment with greater efficiency than standard models. Choosing a unit with this distinction is better for the environment and keeps your energy costs down as well.

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