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Make Sure Your Air Conditioner is Ready for Fall

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Hopefully, your air conditioner system provided you with efficient and comfortable cooling all summer long. Why not give your A/C a well-deserved break by preparing it this fall for the heating months ahead? You’ll be happy you did come springtime.

Change the Air Filter

A simple, yet very important task is to clean or change the air filter. Filters are designed to protect A/C and furnace components from the damage that dirt and debris can cause. For example, dirt buildup on the blower motor can cause it to malfunction or fail completely. Even a thin layer of debris on the evaporator impedes free heat absorption. Install a high-efficiency filter to enhance furnace performance going into the heating months.

Clean the Evaporator

Your air conditioner cools your home using cold refrigerant. Under low pressure, refrigerant flows into the evaporator coil and vaporizes. This causes the refrigerant to become extremely cold, which allows it to absorb heat from return airflow. Cold refrigerant also creates condensate, which acts like a magnet for dirt and debris.

It’s wise to clean the evaporator coil if you have an A-frame coil atop your furnace. The heated airflow from the furnace must flow through the coil to reach your home. If the coil is caked with debris, airflow is obstructed, comfort and efficiency are reduced, and heating bills go up. Use a foaming coil cleaner disinfectant to remove dirt and possible mold.

Clean and Cover the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit of your air conditioner should be protected from the winter elements. Before you cover the unit, thoroughly clean debris from around the unit. Use the same foaming coil cleaner on the sides. Spray the unit off with a garden hose, cutting power before you do. Unplug the air conditioner disconnect switch to prevent turning on the system accidentally while it’s covered up.

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