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Make Some Changes With Your Electricity Use, and Realize Savings

If you feel that your electricity use in Delaware and surrounding areas has become unmanageable, you may be operating under several false myths that can sabotage your energy savings.

Myth #1: It’s better to leave the a/c running than to turn it off and on. Turn your air conditioner off when you can to realize energy savings. To improve your air conditioner’s lasting effects, increase your home’s insulation with things like double-paned windows, extra attic insulation and door draft stoppers.

Myth #2: Raising the thermostat really high when I first get home helps it cool down faster. This just causes your heat pump to work extra long. Your home won’t cool down any faster. You’ll just use more energy and wear out your heat pump faster. Instead, keep your thermostat at a mild setting and increase or decrease in small increments of one or two degrees.

Myth #3: Turning off my electronic devices and appliances saves electricity. Many items pull small amounts of electricity continuously even when they are turned off. To stop this, you need to unplug your coffee maker, television and other devices.

Myth #4: My clothes won’t get clean unless I use warm or hot water. Many commercial laundry detergents on the market today are designed to clean just as well with cold water.

Myth #5: Central air conditioning is more energy efficient than window air conditioners, so they must use less electricity. This isn’t necessarily true. Fact is, if you running your central air conditioner in rooms that are unoccupied for several hours a day, your wasting electricty. Window air conditioners tend to be turned off more frequently, therefore using less electricity. Your best option? Consider having a zoning system installed to regulate the work load (and electricity use) on your central air conditioning system.

Myth #6: My water heater never needs maintenance because it’s in a self-contained unit. Regular water heater maintenance is not only recommended, but required to ensure continued safety and efficiency over the life of your water heater. Speak to one of our experts at Sobieski Services today. We can help answer your questions about ways to improve your electricity use.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey about energy and home comfort issues.

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