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Lowering Heat Gain In One Simple Step

A-G stackYou probably depend on the air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable as the summer heat soars. However, heat gain from the summer sun can cause the air conditioner to work overtime. Heat gain occurs when the sun warms the home. Covering your windows is the simplest solution for lowering heat gain.


Awnings are an excellent product for lowering heat gain. Installed on the outside of a home, awnings hang over the windows, shading them from the sun. Today, awnings are made of durable materials and can be custom made to cover single windows or an entire side of your home. They can be created to match the style and feel of your home’s décor. Adjustable and retractable awnings allow you to shade your windows only when you desire. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it’s most important to install awnings on the west- and south-facing windows, which trap in the most sunlight. Awnings over west-facing windows can lower heat gain up to 77 percent, while heat gain can be reduced up to 65 percent on south-facing windows.


Another effective tool for lowering heat gain is probably already hanging in your windows. Your home’s blinds and shades help effectively block out the hot afternoon sun. Interior blinds offer the benefit of being highly adjustable. You can raise and lower them, as well as change the position of the slats, allowing you to filter the sun. During peak sun hours, completely lower and close the slats on the south- and west-facing windows.


Drapes also effectively block out the summer sun. Keep in mind that dark colors absorb sunlight, while light colors may not effectively block sunlight. For the best results, choose medium-colored drapes with plastic backing. Hang the drapes as close to the window as possible and allow them to fall below the windowsill.

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