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Lower Your Heating Load For Savings Now & When You Replace Your System

Whether or not you plan to upgrade your heating system, lowering the heating load in your home will increase energy savings now – and when you upgrade. This is particularly important for homeowners in the greater Wilmington area, as unpredictable winter weather can include severe snow and ice storms and continuously cold days. A manageable heating load ensures that your heating system operates efficiently, regardless of the weather. HVAC contractor Sobieski Services, the area’s leading Lennox Premier Dealer, can help you increase the energy efficiency of your home.

What Is Heating Load?

Heating load is a calculation that shows exactly how much heat a system must generate to maintain a comfortable home. If your home requires more heat, you’ll spend more on energy. Lower the amount of heating required, and save energy. It’s that simple.

How Can You Lower The Heating Load?

There are several variables that influence a home’s heating load:

  • Insulation: With ineffective insulation, or lower levels of it, more heat escapes.
  • Air leaks: When they occur, valuable heat will leave your home through cracks and leaks. Sealing leaks keeps warm inside of the home.
  • Single-pane windows: Without efficient windows, heat escapes through the pane. If you’re unable to upgrade now, consider installing heat-saving draperies or storm windows.

All of these variables, when inefficient, require more heat – and more energy – from your furnace system.

Before You Upgrade

You can realize increased energy savings by lowering the heating load right now, and when you upgrade. High heating loads could cause you to have to purchase a larger-capacity furnace. A lower heating load equates to a smaller, more efficient system.

Take your home’s heating load to the “green” zone so that your current system operates efficiently. For new installations, a lower heating load saves you money on the purchase price of a new system, and over the system’s life span. The experts at Sobieski Services are available for a free consultation. Call us and find out how we can help get your energy bills back on track.

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