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Look for These Features in Your Next Commercial HVAC System

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Your commercial HVAC system has a big job to do. It must provide sufficient heating and cooling for your employees and customers, often in variable environments such as offices and warehouses. It has to work effectively and reliably with minimal downtime. It also has to provide these benefits at the highest possible level of efficiency and the lowest possible cost. With the right HVAC system features and characteristics, you can ensure that your heating and cooling equipment functions at its best.


The characteristics of your commercial HVAC system will have a significant effect on how well the system runs and how much it costs each month. The following characteristics are HVAC system features that will strongly influence both performance and cost.

  • Proper sizing — Commercial HVAC systems require increased capacity to handle heating and cooling in a larger space. The equipment must be properly sized for your commercial space. Proper sizing ensures that your facility’s heating and cooling needs have been correctly assessed and that the HVAC equipment has the functional capacity to heat or cool as needed. In a commercial context, avoid oversizing. An oversized system will cost more at the beginning, and it will waste energy and money as it operates. Have your HVAC pro conduct a commercial load calculation before investing in any new HVAC system or upgrade.
  • Modularity and zoning — Taking a modular approach to your HVAC system can help you save money and energy. Zoned heating and cooling, for example, allows you to separate your facility into specific areas, or zones, where comfort levels can be precisely controlled. With a zoned system, you can increase heating or cooling when needed or shut it off completely if not. Modular arrangements also allow you to add additional heating or cooling units if needed.

Specific Equipment

Many HVAC system features are add-on components or additional equipment that will improve system performance, equipment efficiency, and overall indoor comfort levels. Consider adding these HVAC system features to your commercial equipment to reduce your operating costs and to improve the results you get from your system.

  • Variable-speed fans — Fans and blowers move heated and cooled air through your HVAC system. Variable-speed fans work at different levels depending on how much heating or cooling is needed. Most of the time, they’ll operate at a lower level that sufficient heating or cooling while saving money and energy.
  • Economizers — Economizers assist with cooling by pulling in more outside air when the air outside your building is cooler than the air inside the facility. This trims costs by allowing your HVAC system to run less.
  • Supplemental dehumidification — A supplemental dehumidification system reduces the amount of moisture in your indoor air, which can have a substantial effect on occupant comfort. As an additional bonus, reduced indoor humidity also decreases the chance for mold and mildew growth.
  • Carbon dioxide sensors — Your HVAC system “assumes” that there is a certain number of people in your facility. Carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors, sometimes called demand sensors, allow the equipment to more accurately detect the number of occupants, or if there are any occupants at all, and adjust heating or cooling production accordingly.
  • Programmable thermostatsProgrammable thermostats have become one of the more common HVAC system features. They give you very precise and accurate control over the operation of your heating and cooling equipment. They can also be programmed to automatically reduce heating and cooling when it’s not needed, such as when your facility is closed, and then increase HVAC system operation in time for the building’s interior to be comfortable by the time you open for the day.

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