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Leaking Air Conditioner? Here’s What to Do

Air Conditioner Maintenance

A leaking air conditioner is a clear sign of a problem in your cooling system. When the A/C is working properly, condensed water is expelled outside through the built-in drainage system. Learning some of the possible causes of a leaking air conditioner can help you fix the issue on your own or know when to call an HVAC professional for help.

Damaged or Missing Collector

Pan The collector pan sits below the evaporator to catch condensate as it drips off the coil. If the pan is missing or damaged the liquid can’t drain properly, so make sure it’s in place and in good condition.

Blocked Condensate Drain Line

Algae or mold can thrive in the moist, warm condensate drain system and clog up the drain line. You can get it flowing again by suctioning out the blockage with a wet/dry vacuum, then flushing out the line with a 50-50 bleach and water solution.

Clogged Air Filter

If your air filter is clogged up, airflow across the evaporator slows down and the coil ices up. As it melts, that extra water can overflow the collector pan. Putting in a clean filter should solve this, and you can prevent it from happening again by checking the filter monthly and replacing it regularly.

Failed Condensate Pump

Some air conditioner drainage systems use a motorized pump to send condensate outside. If yours has one and it fails, condensate can back up into your home and you’ll need the help of an HVAC pro to repair or replace it.

Low Refrigerant Level

If there’s a water puddle under the air handler, your air conditioner isn’t cooling as well as it should, and you hear a low hissing noise from the refrigerant lines, you likely have a refrigerant leak that should be investigated by your HVAC contractor before any equipment damage occurs.

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