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Know These Signs of a Possible Gas Leak in Your Home

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Everyone old enough to be responsible should know the signs of a gas leak indoors and out. Gas lines are buried underground where they provide decades of service safely. However, over time, the lines may corrode or leaks can start. The lines may also leak at their point of entry into your home or as they travel to your gas burning appliances.

These symptoms often indicate a gas leak:

  • Smell — All natural gas contains an odor that smells like rotten eggs or sulfur to help identify its presence.
  • Sounds — A hissing odor near an appliance or gas line often indicates gas escaping from a leak. It takes a while for gas to escape from a buried pipe or inside a wall.
  • Bubbling — Leaking gas may send bubbles up through wet or moist areas in your yard.
  • Dead vegetation — A slow underground leak can kill the vegetation that sits above the gas line. A dying patch of lawn or a garden area that sits over the gas line could indicate a leaking pipe.
  • A fog or mist — A cloud of white mist or fog hovering near the ground can indicate a rupture in a gas line.

Anytime you smell it indoors or out, leave the area immediately and move well away before calling for help. Don’t do anything that would cause a spark, like turning off a light, using a phone, or starting your car. Call 911 when it’s safe to do so, or program your phone with the gas company’s emergency line.

Periodically, it’s a good idea to have your lines tested for safety. Licensed plumbers and HVAC contractors use detectors to test for gas leaks. Gas heating systems and water heaters should be inspected annually for safety and efficiency.

Although leaks are rare, knowing the signs of a gas leak will protect your home and your safety.

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