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Keeping an Eye on Plumbing Maintenance Can Ward Off Emergencies

Taking care of your home can sometimes feel like a full-time job. From chores that keep your home clean to HVAC repairs to plumbing preventive maintenance, there’s no end to the things that keep your home running smoothly. Taking preventative measures is critical, however, if you want to avoid complications and the expensive repairs that come with them. Here are some plumbing preventive maintenance tips you can perform to ward off emergencies:

Look for corrosion

This leads to bad pipe connections that develop into leaks. Green stains on brass and copper fittings or yellow/orange stains on steel pipes indicate corrosion.

Look for leaks

Check exposed pipes under cabinets, behind walls and in the foundation. Puddles and watermarks are signs of leaks. Test water pressure This reflects how forcefully water exits faucets and showerheads. Low pressure points to sediment buildup in the fixture itself or problems in the water line.

Check for sediment buildup

It’s easy to remove faucets and showerheads to check for sediment. Clean the fixture before putting it back in place.

Check drainage speed

Slow shower and sink drains are signs of blocked vent pipes or clogged drains. Also make sure the water swirls when draining. Bubbling and gurgling indicate problems.

Inspect the toilet

Open the tank to see if any parts are rusted, broken or missing. Flush each toilet in your home to ensure it does so properly without continuing to run or leak after being flushed. Gently rock the base to see if the toilet shifts at all.

Check for cracked tiles

Loose or squishy tiles could have moldy, rotting drywall behind them. Any water that seeps through exacerbates the problem. Drain the water heater This removes built-up sediment that decreases efficiency.

Check the washing machine hose It shouldn’t be cracked or brittle. Replace it if necessary. Plan to perform these plumbing preventive maintenance tasks at least annually.

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