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Keep Your Water Heater Working Efficiently With These Maintenance Tips

Water Heater

Water heaters often seem to work without any fuss, just doing their job year after year. But water heater failure can happen suddenly, and when it does, it’s a pain. Occasional maintenance can delay these annoying breakdowns. Also try these water heater maintenance tips for the best results.

Maintaining Your Water Heater

You’re always better off if you have a professional check your water heater. Whether you have a gas or electric unit, it holds many gallons of hot water, a potential hazard. If you don’t have the skill or experience to service your appliance, call for help. If you feel up to tackling a few maintenance chores, do read the user’s manual. Not all water heaters are the same, and the advice given here is very general.

Draining the Water Heater

Water heaters should be flushed annually, particularly if you have hard water with mineral buildup.

First, turn off the switch or turn the gas valve to pilot to turn off the power. Then, shut off the cold water inlet. Find the unit’s drain valve and affix a garden hose to it. Run the hose to an area where the draining of extremely hot water will not cause a problem.

Locate the pressure relief valve and pull the trip lever. Listen for a rush of air or look for a dribble of water out of the valve. Then, open the drain valve, allowing the tank to drain completely so that you’re sure it’s empty of all sediment. Close the drain valve, then disconnect the hose and close the pressure relief valve.

Open your home’s hot water faucets, then turn on the tank’s cold water inlet. Once water starts to flow from the hot water faucets, close them. Then, turn the power to the water heater back on.

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