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Keep Your Water Bill From Skyrocketing While The Kids Are Home For Summer

Summer is the time for fun, and it’s also the period when the kids are home from school. Youngsters often spend lots of time playing in the yard and messing about with water, so we thought we’d look at some ways to keep your water bill from skyrocketing this season.


Check your plumbing system for leaks and if any are found, have them repaired quickly. A good way to find out if you have any leaking pipes is to make a note of your water meter reading and then use no water for the next hour. Look at the reading again and if it has gone up, you most likely have a leak somewhere.


According to Water Sense, an EPA Partnership Program, around 50 percent of the water you use in your yard is wasted because watering is done inefficiently. The best time to water your garden is early morning or late evening, when the evaporation rate is low. Test if your lawn needs watering by standing on it; if the turf springs back when you remove your foot, it needs no water.


If your kids love to play with water, combine play with work and get them to clean down the driveway, wash the car, or water the flower beds with buckets rather than a hose pipe. They’ll have great fun and save you some effort. Remember that water play must always be supervised by a responsible adult.

Drinking water.

Keep bottles of tap water in the refrigerator for those thirsty kids’ throats. This will save on money as you avoid buying bottles of water, the empty containers don’t end up in the landfill, and your kids won’t run the cold water tap until the water cools down, wasting water in the process. One way to keep your water bill from skyrocketing is to have a plumbing service agreement with a trusted provider.

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