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Keep Your East Coast Commercial Property Safe — Security System Monitoring Options

You rely on security personnel to keep your commercial property safe from damage and secure from theft and vandalism. Even the most dedicated security team, however, can monitor and inspect only a certain number of physical areas in your business location. The larger your commercial property, the more problematic these physical limitations become. You may not have enough security staff to respond appropriately to all issues as they occur. To increase the reach of your security team’s operations, you can install a security system offering practical security system monitoring options that expand your staff’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Elements of a security system

An effective security system will include elements such as alarms, video surveillance devices and communication equipment. The system also will provide flexible security system monitoring options that let security personnel check real-time status from a centralized location, such as a security office, video panel or monitoring board. Security systems can include:

  • Fire and smoke alarms: These are fundamental alarm components that should be present in any security system. Fire alarms and smoke alarms are necessary to protect both life and property and to ensure the safety of your clients, customers and employees.
  • Closed-circuit televisions: CCTV systems provide visual surveillance options for distant locations in your facility, and for hidden or difficult-to-monitor locations that could be tempting areas for physical security breaches, attempted thefts or vandalism.
  • Environmental monitors: Environmental monitoring devices can alert you and your security team to changes in conditions throughout your commercial facility.
  • Phone systems and elevator phones: A security system can include phones throughout your facility that security personnel can use to contact the main office immediately. Elevator phones can improve security and safety in what is typically a facility’s most confined space used by customers and staff. Security system monitoring options and response services

Effective security systems are designed and customized to provide for the needs of business owners, facility managers, security supervisors and associated staff members. Systems offer features such as full-time, around-the-clock alarm monitoring and response services, constant site surveillance options, and the customized security system monitoring options that allow security personnel to take best advantage of their physical presence and individual skills.

Basic procedures can include:

  • Verification of alarms with correct identification to confirm if the alarm is genuine or the result of an error or malfunction.
  • Immediate contact and dispatch of police, fire and emergency personnel.
  • Systematic notification of critical business personnel such as owners, managers and top-level employees.
  • Follow up with fire departments, police departments and other authorities to ensure the situation has been properly resolved.

Look for security systems that provides security system monitoring options such as:

  • Open/Close monitoring: Reports and indications of the arming (opening) and disarming (closing) of alarm systems. This type of monitoring should also cover burglary and trouble conditions indicated by the alarm system equipment. An open/close system should provide reports or additional alarms if a scheduled open or close is missed.
  • Environmental monitoring: Systems can be established to monitor conditions within your facility, such as changes in temperatures, water levels, and the presence of dangerous substances such as chlorine gas or carbon monoxide.
  • Performance tests: An effective security system will provide options for testing and verification of function while the system continues to operate. Look for systems that give you flexible test scheduling and reliable recording of test results. Any test failures should be reported promptly for the quickest possible resolution.
  • Internet access: The more useful and convenient security systems provide 24-hour online access to real-time information about the activity of your security and alarm systems. The online account system should also include historical reports, overall account history, and the ability to print or email reports.

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