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Keep Your Customers Cool with a Seasonal Commercial Air Conditioner Check

Your commercial air conditioner has probably been under wraps for several months, but with the approach of cooling season, it’s time to get it ready to go back in service. A seasonal commercial air conditioner check will ensure that this important HVAC system is ready to provide efficient, consistent cooling throughout the summer and beyond.

The Importance of a Seasonal Commercial Air Conditioner Check

A seasonal commercial air conditioner check, also known as preventive maintenance, keeps commercial cooling systems working at their best. The detailed equipment inspection and tune-up allows a knowledgeable HVAC expert the opportunity to look the system over from end to end, then make minor repairs and adjustments that boost performance and prevent larger system malfunctions.

Your HVAC technician can also identify larger areas that need more advanced service or repair. The best time for a seasonal commercial air conditioner check is a few weeks before temperatures become consistently high enough to warrant ongoing operation of the cooling system. Even if preventive maintenance isn’t conducted early, you should still have it performed even if cooling season is already underway. Neglecting maintenance for any reasons will impair the performance of your air conditioner, make malfunctions or breakdowns more likely, and unnecessarily increase your cooling expenses. Preventive maintenance provides important benefits that include:

  • A 30 percent reduction in energy consumption.
  • A 30 percent decrease in system downtown.
  • As much as 20 percent lower repair and maintenance costs.

Elements of a Seasonal Commercial Air Conditioner Check

  • Whether your commercial air conditioning system is roof mounted or installed at ground level, the elements of a preventive maintenance inspection and tune-up will be similar.
  • Change or clean air filters. Dirty air filters are a major cause of HVAC system breakdowns, so make sure you start the cooling season with fresh filters in place.
  • Check refrigerant levels to be sure there is enough refrigerant in the system for proper operation. If refrigerant levels are low, your technician should add more (a process called charging) until the refrigerant is at manufacturer-specified amounts.
  • Check, clean, and tighten electrical connections to ensure proper operation and prevent problems caused by loose or detached connections.
  • Inspect the ductwork system from end to end to make sure all segments fit tightly together and all connections are properly sealed to prevent air leaks. Loose, damaged, or missing ductwork sections should be repaired or replaced.
  • Lubricate fans and other moving parts to reduce wear and improve performance.
  • Inspect drain systems to ensure there are not clogs and that any water produced by the air conditioner can be safely drained away.
  • Test and calibrate thermostat and other system controls to ensure proper operation.

Clean the outdoor unit and remove any material that could impede airflow, such as mud, grass, leaves, sticks, animal nests, or vegetation. Your HVAC technician will be able to advise you on other factors associated with your cooling system, such as:

  • Refrigerant changes: Some types of refrigerant are being phased out, and if your commercial A/C uses those refrigerants, you may need to make some significant changes, up to complete system replacement Your technician can help you decide what course of action is best for you.
  • Programmable thermostats: Programmable thermostats give you greater control over the operation of your HVAC system. For example, you can program these models to reduce air conditioner function at night when it’s not needed, then automatically increase cooling in the morning before your facility opens for the day.
  • High-efficiency equipment: Modern high-efficiency air conditioners provide outstanding cooling at a higher efficiency and a reduced cost. Ask your HVAC professional about switching to high-efficiency cooling or to Energy Star-certified units.

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