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Keep an Eye Out for These A/C Condensate Drain Problems

The last thing you need in the middle of a Wilmington heat wave is trouble with your cooling system. Since it produces a great deal of water along with cool air, A/C condensate drain problems are common. Read on to learn what to watch out for to keep cool this summer.

Flooding and Leakage

The area beneath the evaporator coil provides the ideal environment for algae growth. Once there, algae can make its way into the drain trap or line and form an obstruction. The resulting overflow from the blockage may be caught by an overflow pan. If it’s missing, damaged or connected to the same clogged line, flooding can occur, causing extensive damage to your home and property. To clear the blockage, pour undiluted bleach into the pipe, though stubborn clogs may require use of a wet vac or a call to a licensed technician.

Mold Issues

One of the most common A/C condensate drain problems is mold growth. If spores are dispersed through the supply ducts, they become part of your indoor air and may trigger health problems, such as respiratory issues, asthma or allergies. Should growth migrate to the evaporator coil, it can hamper airflow by obstructing slim air passages. Signs of mold growth include a musty odor, malfunctioning A/C and unexplained allergy symptoms. Call your HVAC technician for service if you see or suspect mold.

Drain Trap

Your air conditioner channels condensation through a U-shaped trap in the drain line adjacent to the air handler. Water is meant to sit in the bottom of the trap and prevent sewer gases from penetrating the air handler. If it becomes dry, gases can pass through, leading to a noxious odor coming through your supply vents. Call your HVAC contractor to determine the cause of the problem and resolve the issue.

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