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It’s Not Too Early for Heating Maintenance — Here’s Why

Regardless of the fact that you might still not be mentally prepared for the colder weather, it’s approaching quickly. And once the freezing temperatures arrive in the Delaware Valley area, they will stay for a while.

Since you probably haven’t thought about heating your home since last winter, now is the time to get prepared and make sure you won’t be stuck in a cold home. Thankfully, scheduling maintenance for your heating system can help prevent various issues this winter.

Avoid Emergency Repairs

Although last winter wasn’t extremely harsh, this year is forecasted to be more severe. By not servicing your heater now, you might be setting yourself up for failure later on during the peak of the cold weather. Last-minute repairs can be costly and cause you to suffer in a cold, uncomfortable home while you’re waiting to have your system repaired. A heating tune-up now can help prevent emergency repairs from being necessary.

Increase Your Heating System’s Efficiency

A heating system that’s not efficient doesn’t do a good job of keeping you warm and only generates higher than expected heating bills. During a heating tune-up, your system will be checked and optimized to ensure it’s performing at its highest possible efficiency. If you have a unit that is over 10 years old, you may consider a replacement since models available today are much more efficient and will save you money in the long run. However, regardless of the age of your system, regular maintenance will improve its performance.

Reduce Your Heating Bills

Spending on high energy bills is painful, especially when that money could be allocated towards savings or a vacation. Servicing your heating system regularly improves its efficiency allowing it to use less energy. This means you won’t need to pay more for heating your home than absolutely necessary. So start dreaming of what you’ll use those savings for.

Increase Home Safety & Health, Gain Peace of Mind

Incomplete combustion in furnaces and boilers can produce carbon monoxide, threatening the health and safety of you and your family. Heating maintenance performed by a professional ensures your unit is tested for CO and helps to keep your home safe throughout the winter. Gain peace of mind and a true sense of security with assurance that carbon monoxide won’t endanger your family over the holidays.

Sobieski: Your Delaware Valley Heating Tune-Up Specialists

Serving homes across Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Sobieski can help get your home ready for the cold weather with heating system maintenance. You will avoid future last-minute repairs, improve your heater’s efficiency, decrease your energy bills and reduce the chances of carbon monoxide buildup in your home. Stay comfortable and have peace of mind this winter with a heating tune-up.

Get ready for winter with heating maintenance. Contact us or call (302) 993-0103 to schedule your tune-up today!

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