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Is it Really Necessary to Clean Air Ducts?

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The air ducts are a vital component of the HVAC system. Yet, they just don’t get the respect they deserve. You want your A/C and furnace to be clean and efficient, right? So, why not the ducts? If you’ve been wondering if professional air duct cleaning is really necessary for your home, read on to learn the possible benefits.

What’s in Your Ductwork?

The air ducts convey return airflow to the cooling and heating units, and then carry the conditioned air back to your home. The same dust and dirt you find in the living spaces collects on HVAC components and the ducts. Over a short time period, dirt buildup degrades cooling and heating efficiency and can even cause a system malfunction.

Moreover, there may be more than common dust and dirt in your air ducts. Insulation fibers, insects and vermin can find their way inside leaky ductwork through gaps and holes. These contaminants will be distributed to your living spaces.

Mold and mildew are potential problems — especially during the cooling months. Mold development is actually quite common on the evaporator coil where condensation forms. Left unchecked, mold development can spread into the ducts and spores blown through the living spaces of your home.

Air Duct Cleaning Checklist

Air duct cleaning performed by a reputable HVAC company has many benefits. The first benefit is obvious — rid your HVAC system of contaminants. A clean HVAC system is also going to perform more efficiently, cool and heat your home more effectively and last longer as a result.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, hire a licensed HVAC company to inspect and clean your air ducts. Many duct cleaning companies aren’t licensed or certified to work on HVAC components, which is a critical part of the duct cleaning process. In fact, a careless provider can damage your ducts.

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