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It Pays to Invest in Preventive Maintenance

Sometimes it does pay to spend money to save money, and preventive maintenance for your HVAC system is one of those things. It’s probably the most expensive appliance in your home and like all things mechanical, needs periodic attention to run efficiently and dependably.

Giving it the service it needs pays off in:

  • Lower energy bills. From simple air filter changes to a professional tune-up, your system will use less energy when it’s clean. Neglecting filter changes introduces dust and dirt into the air handler. When dust coats the parts, it acts as an insulator which slows the heating and cooling process. The equipment has to run longer, using more energy.
  • Greater dependability. HVAC pros thoroughly clean and adjust all the parts inside the HVAC system and as they do, they spot small problems that could escalate into larger issues. It’s much easier and cost effective to replace a failing part before it becomes a system-wide problem.
  • Knowing that your home will be comfortable during times when you most need your HVAC system makes preventive maintenance each season a priority.

  • Enhanced safety. Most heating systems in this region use a combustible fuel and although they’re manufactured to high standards, situations can develop that compromise your safety. Professionals check the safety switches, verify the flue is clear and the fuel lines are tight as part of routine maintenance visits.
  • Over time, the electrical parts collect dust or corrode, which undermines their efficiency and safety. HVAC technicians use special lubricants to prevent them from overheating by conducting electricity more efficiently.

  • Warranty protection. If your system is still under warranty, the manufacturer probably requires documented maintenance by a licensed or authorized technician to keep it in effect. Having the service records may also help you sell your home.

Investing in preventive maintenance assures you that your system will run efficiently when you most need it. We at Sobieski Services, Inc. want to help our customers in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland learn more about their HVAC and plumbing systems to help them live in healthier and more comfortable homes.

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