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Investing in a Commercial Water Treatment System is Good Business

Water usage in commercial settings can range from simple water access for employee restrooms to substantial water requirements for manufacturing processes, food preparation, or cleanup. No matter the type and extent of your company’s water needs, if you have hard water in your system, it will significantly affect the performance of your plumbing, your equipment, and your processes. A commercial water treatment system, or a commercial water softener, will alleviate the problems caused by hard water.

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is water that has accumulated soluble particles of minerals and similar material. Local water picks up these minerals as it flows through the ground. If your water supply contains calcium and magnesium, along with small amounts of minerals such as iron or manganese, then it is considered hard water.

Where Can Hard Water Affect Your Business?

Hard water is generally safe to use and drink, but it can have negative effects on many aspects of a business’ operations. Some of the areas where hard water can cause problems include:

  • Blockages in plumbing pipes: Hard-water build-up in pipes can cause blockages that are difficult to remove.
  • Clogs in plumbing fixtures: Hard water can cause plumbing fixtures such as showerheads or faucets to become clogged or blocked completely.
  • Reduction of the effectiveness of heating elements: Hard water build-up can affect the performance of heating elements in water heaters, commercial boilers, and other equipment.
  • Reduced soap and detergent efficiency: Soaps and detergents used for cleanup or for industrial processes will be less effective in hard water.
  • Equipment downtime and expensive repairs: Businesses can experience substantial equipment downtime while hard-water build-up is removed, pipes replaces, or other remediation performed. These fixes can be costly, depending on the extent of the problem.
  • Interior damage to water-using equipment: Ice machines, commercial washing machines, cleaning equipment, food preparation equipment, commercial dishwashers, and other devices and appliances that consistently use water can be damaged by hard water and the build-up it leaves behind.
  • Stains and residue on linens and clothing: Hotels, commercial laundry facilities, or other businesses that consistently use linens, uniforms, or other cloth items may find that hard water stains cloth and reduces the useful life of linens and clothing. A commercial water treatment system can help businesses and commercial establishments avoid these annoyances and expensive troubles.

How a Commercial Water Treatment System Works

A commercial water treatment system is a set of tanks containing specialized material that will remove the minerals in your facility’s water. The system is usually attached directly to your water supply, where it can easily treat all the water that comes into your business. Hard-water material is removed from the water supply by a process known as ion exchange. The calcium and magnesium contained in hard water carry positive electrical charges.

In the water softener’s mineral tank, material known as resin, usually small polystyrene beads, carries a negative electrical charge. Sodium ions, produced by common salt, are attached to the beads. As the hard water flows through the mineral tank, the calcium and magnesium ions are attracted to the resin beads. They stick to the beads, replacing the sodium ions. The sodium ions leave the beads and enter the water that is subsequently used in your facility.

During the system’s recharge phase, the water flow is reversed to remove dirt and sediments from the tank. Then, a very strong salt solution from the brine tank is sent into the mineral tank. This heavy brine removes any leftover hard-water ions and resupplies the sodium ions on the resin beads. The mineral tank is then flushed of extra brine, the brine tank is refilled, and the process starts over again.

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