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Installing A New Furnace? 3 Must-Have Features

Brass ThreeYou’re in for some surprises if you’re installing a new furnace. Your old unit’s likely missing a lot of new advancements your neighbors may already be enjoying. You’ll get greater efficiency and, in during long winters, a high-efficiency furnace may pay back the upfront purchase price in energy savings over a few years. High-efficiency furnaces also offer more effective heating and make daily operation more convenient.

Look for advantages when you’re considering installing a new furnace.

Sealed combustion

Open combustion furnaces draw air for the burner flame from indoors, evaporating any humidity inside and sending it up the furnace vent as water vapor. As dry outdoor air enters the home to replace it, combusted air lowers the indoor humidity below the recommended 35 percent minimum. A new furnace with sealed combustion doesn’t utilize indoor air, but instead draws outdoor air in through a sealed pipe for combustion. This maintains more comfortable indoor humidity levels.

Variable blower speeds

Your existing furnace blower usually only operates in an on/off mode. This leads to hot air hovering at the ceiling when the unit is off, wasting energy. It also requires more energy to recover from the cool-down that occurs in the rest of the room. Variable speed blowers circulate air continuously but at a lower velocity. This keeps hot air stratification from occurring and maintains consistent room temperatures.

Multi-stage burners

Your home doesn’t always need 100 percent blower output. However, with a standard-efficiency furnace, that’s what you get. High-efficiency furnaces with AFUE ratings over 90 percent offer multi-stage operation that senses the heating load on the home and adjusts the burner output to match the current load. This results in less energy consumption, while still maintaining full output in reserve for times when heating demand is greatest.

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