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Installing a Furnace? It’s a Good Time to Add Other Equipment

As a homeowner, any time you replace a major piece of HVAC equipment, you should consider adding extras to improve its performance. Several add-ons can improve efficiency, safety and performance when you’re installing a furnace.

Air filters.

To easily improve the quality of the air in your house, upgrade standard flat-panel furnace filters with pleated filters. This is great for your health and the efficiency of your heating system. There are even more advanced filtration systems that you can ask your contractor about if you are interested.


A new furnace can have a significant effect on humidity levels in your home, which is not always a good thing. Check the humidity after you install the new furnace and install a whole-house humidifier if needed.

Chimney liners.

A chimney liner can act as a perfectly sized flue for your furnace. This will improve the safety of your furnace, as well as its efficiency. Sizing is really important, so make sure you get a recommendation from a trusted HVAC contractor for your specific home.

Furnace zoning system.

A great option to reduce your energy usage is to install a home zoning system. This add-on is designed to allow you to control how much heat is provided to different sections of the home. You can maximize your comfort in rooms you’re using, and save energy by not heating rooms that aren’t using. Zoning systems also address different climate conditions in larger or multi-level homes.

Programmable thermostats.

A nice extra that works well with a new furnace is a programmable thermostat. Various features of programmable thermostats allow you to maximize comfort when the house is occupied, and saving energy and money when nobody’s home.

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