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Install Anti-Scald Devices at Home for Constant Family Protection

The importance of anti-scald devices in the home can be seen in the statistics. The American Hospital Association reports that over 112,000 Americans visit emergency rooms for hot water-related injuries each year. Of these, 27,000 are children. Water that unexpectedly rises a mere 10 degrees above the normal temperature for activities like washing dishes and shaving can cause a first-degree burn after only 30 seconds of exposure. Particularly for the young and the elderly, there may not be enough time to adjust the faucets before scalding occurs. Anti-scald devices automatically intervene to prevent exposure to dangerous water temperature spikes.

Three categories of anti-scald devices can be installed by your plumbing professional to protect your family:

1. Pressure-balancing valves

These are the most economical devices and incorporate a mechanism to sense sudden fluctuations in cold water pressure, such as when someone elsewhere flushes a toilet. This all-too-common event can leave bathers suddenly exposed to a stream of unmixed hot water long enough to produce a scald. When cold water pressure abruptly drops, a piston inside the device automatically decreases the hot water pressure in proportion to the decrease in cold water, maintaining a safe, balanced temperature.

2. Thermostatic mixing valves

Thermostatic mixing valves incorporate a dial for setting the desired maximum temperature of water reaching the fixture. If water temperature exceeds the user-selected level, such as when the water heater thermostat malfunctions or is inadvertently turned up too far, the valve automatically infuses additional cold water into the flow to maintain the safe temperature range. If cold water pressure declines to zero, the valve automatically shuts off all water flow to the fixture.

3. Combination thermostatic mixing and pressure-balancing valves

Anti-scald devices that integrate both the thermostatic mixing valve with pressure-balancing functions are also available. These combination units safeguard against all potential scald sources by automatically adjusting pressure imbalances as well as mixing cold water to counteract unsafe high temperatures from the water heater. Sobieski Services provides safety and life-enhancing technology like anti-scald devices to protect your family.

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