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Improving Your Air Quality through Quality Products

The humidity levels in your home can directly affect your comfort level and quality of life. The quick solution taken by most consumers is to buy a portable humidifier or dehumidifier system. You would have to carry the system from room to room, and they wouldn’t be able to tell you if your home is that the ideal level of humidity! These cheaper systems also won’t guarantee the proper filtration of dust, dirt, and allergens. So what’s the right option to ensure proper humidity levels, increase your comfort, and provide quality indoor air? A whole-home system from your favorite HVAC company, Sobieski!


How do these systems work?

whole-house humidifier is used during the winter months and is installed in the air path inside your HVAC ducts. Since all the air in your home moves through the ducts several times each day, the whole household air volume is treated. To maintain ideal humidity levels (between 35-50%), a humidistat is installed in your living area to continuously monitor interior relative humidity.

Since a whole-house humidifier is permanently plumbed to your household’s water supply line, no daily maintenance such as filling and draining is required. Often, your whole-home humidifier will only require one maintenance appointment each year.

Through a similar process, but during the Winter months, whole-house dehumidifiers work to pull moisture from the air to maintain a humidity level below 50%.

Whole-House Humidification Benefits

Maintaining optimal indoor humidity provides benefits such as improved comfort, healthy indoor air quality and protected home structures.

  • Comfort with Ideal Home Humidity

As air is warmed by your heating system, it expands, removing moisture. This leads to dry skin, itchy eyes and an aggravated throat and nasal passages. Dry indoor conditions can make it feel colder since heat and moisture are removed from the skin more quickly. With a whole-home humidifier, injecting more moisture into your home’s air removes irritation from dryness and helps you feel warmer.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality & Health

Dry air provides a sustainable environment for the flu virus and other illnesses. With dry nasal passages and a sore throat, you are more susceptible to infection. Alleviating dryness will allow you to fight off airborne illnesses and maintain your health over the winter.

  • Protected Home Structure & Possessions

Wooden furniture, fixtures and structures can dry out and crack when the air is too dry. Wood flooring, frames, molding and cabinetry can also warp and split over time. Dry air can also cause static electricity, which can damage sensitive electronics. Optimal humidity levels will ensure your home is protected from unwanted damage related to dry air.


Whole-House Dehumidification Benefits

Installing a whole-home dehumidifier comes with a plentiful of benefits, that all impact your comfort level!

  1. More Efficient Cooling – During the summer months, your dehumidifier works similarly to an air conditioner because it processes the air in your home. This process will naturally filter dust, allergens, contaminants. Your dehumidifier system will aid your air conditioner in keeping your home cool, and you’ll breathe cleaner air!
  2. Better Air, Better Environment – Increased moisture in your home can cause serious problems, such as mold, mildew, odor, and furniture warping. Whole-home dehumidifiers help reduce the likelihood of these problems by removing moisture particles in the air that can promote mold growth. Installing this system will not only make your home feel more comfortable, but also increase the quality of air you breathe.


What Type of Filter Should I buy for my HVAC Systems?

Your home should be the ideal place to relax and breathe clean air! The air filters you put in your HVAC system help to improve your indoor air quality. These filters help to prevent contaminants like dust, dirt, and bacteria from circulating through your home. Big box stores offer cheap filter options for quick replacements, but how well do they actually perform at blocking these particles?


Benefits and Downsides to cheap filters –

Although picking up a standard store-bought filter may be convenient, it may not be the best option when thinking about the quality of air inside your home. You will have to remember to change these filters monthly, they only filter large particles (3 microns or larger – roughly 75% effective), and are not recommended for those who have serious allergies.


Why should you invest in a high-quality filter?

Air filters are critical components in your HVAC system, so you’ll want to make an informed decision on which one to use in your unit! High quality air filters are made with a denser material that will prevent both large and small particles from circulating in your home (more than 95% effective). These filters can last up to a YEAR! That saves you time AND money!

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