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The Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance in Senior Care Centers

Senior care centers are essential for many aging individuals. Stays in nursing homes and senior care centers can be temporary, but in many cases, residents of these facilities are likely there for a long-term treatment program. Hospice facilities that deal with end-of-life issues are especially vital for senior citizens and their families. For these types of facilities, where physical issues are prevalent and emotions can be volatile, it’s important to keep HVAC systems working properly and reliably.

Here are just some ways HVAC maintenance can improve conditions and make life easier for residents of senior care centers: Improving indoor air quality: Regular HVAC maintenance can help maintain indoor air quality. This is especially important in senior care facilities since particulates and contaminants in indoor air can interfere with respiratory systems that are already weakened or compromised. Maintaining HVAC systems and regularly changing system air filters can decrease the amount of dust, dirt, pollen, mold, fibers and other microscopic particulates that can trigger respiratory problems, such as allergy or asthma attacks.

Reducing the possibility of disease: Regular HVAC system maintenance, especially air filter changes, can also decrease the chance of spreading disease through senior care facilities. Regular HVAC air filters, particularly higher-quality filters, can remove some disease-causing germs, viruses and bacteria from the air inside the building. If there are high-efficiency air filtration systems attached to the HVAC equipment, it’s even more important that these add-ons be maintained and that the filters are changed regularly. HEPA filtration systems are often used in medical settings to keep indoor air as clean as possible.

Avoiding complications from temperature extremes: Elderly residents of senior care facilities are likely more sensitive to temperature extremes. Heat stroke can occur when indoor temperatures get too hot, while reduced circulation can occur when the air is too cold. HVAC maintenance can help ensure your system continues to work like it should, providing appropriate amounts of conditioned air for residents. Maintenance will also keep furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners from breaking down, limiting extended periods of temperature extremes inside the facility.

Increasing overall comfort: Senior care residents are likely already afflicted with serious health issues that are very uncomfortable. A well-maintained HVAC system can keep residents warm or cool, while eliminating one more potential sources of discomfort.

Meeting regulatory requirements: A well-maintained HVAC system can help senior care facilities comply with legal and regulatory requirements for resident health, comfort and safety. Facilities that keep their HVAC systems in good repair demonstrate that they care for their residents and are responsive to their needs.

Reducing facility costs: For owners and operators, regular HVAC system maintenance can reduce the overall cost of running a senior care facility. Preventive maintenance is designed to identify and correct small system problems before they have a chance to turn into major malfunctions or other problems later down the road. A properly maintained HVAC system should run properly at its highest level of efficiency, while using less energy and costing less to operate. With regular maintenance, breakdowns decrease, reducing the need for costly repairs or the added expense of an emergency service call. Well-maintained HVAC systems also last longer, increasing your equipment’s service life and reducing the chance of needing an unexpected, but expensive system replacement.

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