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Ideal Locations for Ductless Mini Split Installation

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A ductless system can do a great job of keeping you comfortable in Wilmington’s hot, muggy summers and occasional heavy snowstorms, but only if it’s correctly installed. Before your ductless mini split installation, you’ll need to choose locations for the outdoor condenser and indoor air handler.

Indoor Air Handler

Placement of this component comes first in ductless mini split installation because it influences where the outdoor unit goes. A ductless system delivers air directly from its indoor air handler, so the unit should be placed in the room where you want most of your heating and cooling. A wall-mounted unit should be installed 8 to 10 feet from the floor. The unit’s location should fit well aesthetically with other features in the room, such as windows.

If you decide to install the air handler in a bedroom, above the bed is the ideal location. This helps keep you a comfortable temperature while you sleep. Preventing air from blowing directly on you is as simple as adjusting the air handler’s louvers.

The location should be accessible enough that you can get to the unit to operate it manually as desired and clean the air filter every two weeks.

Outdoor Unit

Placing the unit in an open space ensures it gets the airflow it needs and that it’s easily accessible for maintenance. A balcony or flat roof are possible locations, but the unit can also be attached to a wall and supported by metal brackets. Beyond this, the unit should be installed on a solid, firm surface to control vibrations and noise.

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