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Hydrojetting Can Clean Your Clogged Sewer and Drain

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Sluggish drains and frequent clogs that cause messy backups in your kitchen and bathroom fixtures are frustrating to deal with. When you’re experiencing repeated blockages in multiple plumbing fixtures, it typically signals a partial obstruction deep in the drain lines where it’s impossible to reach. Hydrojetting is the most effective way to solve the problem, and it can even restore your home’s drain system to like-new condition.

How Hydrojetting Works

A hydrojet uses the power of pressurized water to blast through accumulated drain line gunk like sediment, grease and hair. A trained plumber first checks the condition of the drain, then inserts a thin hose that’s attached to a machine capable of producing between 1,500 and 7,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) of water pressure. The other end of the hose is equipped with a 360-degree jetted nozzle, very effective at busting clogs. As the nozzle’s forward-facing jets scour the pipe, jets on the rear propel the hose along and break up loosened debris.

Benefits of Hydrojetting

Compared to other commonly-used clean out methods, hiring an experienced professional plumber to hydrojet your clogged drains offers a number of advantages:

  • It’s effective on extremely stubborn clogs. Pressurized water can break up tough clogs that other equipment like drain snakes may not be able to budge.
  • It won’t harm your pipes. When harsh chemical cleaners and some types of motorized drain augers are used, there’s a risk of damage to the pipes or sewer line.
  • It gives your drains an in-depth cleaning. A drain auger can cut through different types of clogs, but it can’t scour years of buildup off the pipe walls like the forceful blast of a hydrojet.
  • It can prevent future headaches. Other drain cleaning methods may only provide a temporary fix. Hydrojetting clears out your drain lines completely, so you’ll experience fewer clog issues in the future.

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