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Hydro Jetting Service Can Clear Your Commercial Pipes

Drain systems and plumbing pipes in commercial and retail establishments face demands that residential plumbing systems rarely see. Sinks and drains in restaurants are subjected to many types of food waste as well as grease, fats, oils and other material that can solidify and clog a drain pipe. Toilets, especially those available to the public, get considerable use and can sometimes receive items that can interfere with drainage and operation, such as cigarettes, paper towels and sanitation items. Manufacturing facilities may need to drain large quantities of substances that can clog pipes. In some of the worst cases, tree roots can break through pipes and create leaks and stubborn blockages. If your commercial pipe and drain network has experienced these or other problems, a hydro jetting service may be the answer to your plumbing woes.

What does hydro jetting do?

A hydro jetting service uses a powerful system of high-pressure water to literally blast clogs apart and remove them from your pipes. The water in a hydro jet is focused and extremely strong, able to slice through solid and semi-solid clogs with a force that can be stronger and more efficient than a metal cutting tool. Hydro jetting is a highly effective method of drain cleaning that is often used in commercial settings for restaurants, hospitals, factories, and other facilities that use their drain systems heavily and rely on unimpeded drainage to prevent interruptions to their business activities.

What does hydro jetting service involve?

Your hydro jetting service provider will have the specialized equipment and training required to use the technique correctly. To begin with, the technician feeds a long water pipe into the drainage system, as close to the clog or blockage as possible. The pipe is fitted with a specialized head that sprays water at extremely high pressures, usually between 1,500 to 4,000 pounds per minute. Water pressure this high creates a powerful cutting effect that can slice through clogs of almost any kind, including grease, paper, tree roots, sludge, sediments, sewage and other accumulated blockages.

The head of the hydro jet attachment directs water forward and backward. The forward flow of water slices away at the clog and begins to make space for the hydro jet to move along the pipes. The reverse water jets help propel the head forward in the pipes and through the blockages while also providing additional cutting and scouring force that helps removes clog residue. This bi-directional flow of water does a thorough job of clearing your commercial plumbing pipes. Once the blockage is broken up, the hydro jet helps push it along the system and out of your commercial facility.

A hydro jet service will have available cutting heads of varying sizes for different types of jobs and diameters of pipe. Most standard hydro jets are usable in pipes up to 3 inches in diameter, including main drainage lines. Mini-jet heads can be used in smaller pipes of 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. In addition to removing clogs and blockages when they occur, you can use hydro jetting as preventive maintenance. The powerful water jets can remove build-up in your commercial pipes before it has the chance to solidify or form into a full-scale clog.

Ask your local trusted plumber or hydro jet service provider for advice on whether hydro jetting would be the best solution for your commercial-grade plumbing problems. In some cases, alternatives such as heavy plungers, drain augers, chemical drain cleaners or power rods (a more powerful and effective type of drain auger) might be better options.

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