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The HVAC Timeline of Maintenance and Replacements

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How do you take care of your HVAC system? There are several things it needs regularly in order to function properly, such as basic maintenance. What does that entail? How often do you have it done? How do you know when your system has reached the end of its life? Here’s a basic HVAC timeline , to help you better understand how to take care of your system.

Changing the filter — Once every three to six months. This varies, depending on your unit, your filter, and the amount of contaminants in your home’s air. But as a general rule, check the filter every month, and replace it every three to six months as needed. When the filter goes from white and translucent to grey and opaque, it’s time for replacement.

Professional maintenance — Once a year. Your furnace’s annual maintenance checkup goes on the HVAC timeline every fall, and your A/C’s checkup should be every spring — right before each goes into use. Your HVAC technician should check your thermostat settings to ensure they’re optimized for your home, tighten the belts and electrical connections, lubricate the motors, and ensure the condensate drain is clear. In the spring, they should check your A/C’s refrigerant level. In fall, they should check your gas connections to ensure there are no leaks, fire hazards, etc.

Replacing the unit — Every 15-20 years. A/Cs last around 10-15 years. Furnaces have a lifespan of 15-25 years. Heat pumps last an average of 16 years. Of course, your system may last longer than that. However, the older your HVAC system is, the more energy it uses. If yours is more than 15 years old, even if it still works, it might be a good idea to replace it with a more energy efficient model.

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