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HVAC Design For Single And Multi-Family Construction

Skeleton KeysBefore an HVAC system can keep a family comfortable, a home has to be built to contain it. Whether you’re looking for HVAC design for single- or multi-family construction, it’s important to find a contractor who can provide reliable and efficient HVAC design, installation, maintenance and repair.

Signs of a quality single and multi-family construction division include:

  • Trained technicians who understand the many complex elements of HVAC design and installation
    Professional designers who can put together an HVAC system that will meet the unique needs of every home built
    Expert logistics and scheduling professionals who make sure materials, supplies and components are consistently delivered on time
  • Field supervisors who monitor and direct the progress of HVAC installation jobs
  • A safety manager who constantly visits construction sites to ensure a safe working environment for everyone involved in the project

There are several key areas when considering HVAC design and installation professionals. Look for:

  • Comprehensive, detailed pricing and project descriptions, so that parties on both sides of the transaction know exactly what to expect.
  • Service, maintenance, repair and after-sale support on HVAC systems installed in new homes.
  • Professionals who also offer superior expertise in related components, such as installing fire sprinkler systems, plumbing systems and building monitoring systems.
  • Compliance with local building codes, fire codes and more, including a Residential Code Compliance check.
  • Compliance with energy-efficient building practices and codes, including modeling based on occupant behavior, not just projected use.
  • Professionals utilizing industry-leading methodologies in Residential Energy Analysis, including Energy Star, LEED or other relevant designations.
  • Heating and cooling load calculations performed on each individual home to pinpoint the exact heating and cooling requirements that the HVAC system must meet. Use of Manual J, the leading sizing method for calculating load, is the preferred methodology.
  • Use of the load calculation to build and design the HVAC system as a critical first step in the process, upon which other design and build steps depend upon. Once the load calculation is complete, the contractor should perform a Manual S calculation to select the right-size equipment for each single-family or multi-family home. Then, a Manual D calculation is performed to accurately size the ducts for each dwelling. All sizing calculations are developed by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA).
  • A contractor who has experience using the Right-Suite Universal program, a software program in which a provider can access all sizing calculations. However, even though the software outlines the exact steps for each calculation and methodology, expertise and field experience goes a long way toward understanding the intricacies of and unique needs that multi-family complexes and large single-family community builds require.
  • Providers whose services also include access to top contractors for electrical services, plumbing services and natural gas work, ensuring that no sub-contracting exists within the organization, maintaining optimal control over quality and extent of services needed.
  • On-site experience with construction, and the ability to work with multiple parties participating in the fieldwork.
  • Mechanical engineering expertise, which should include client access to all drawings of the design of the HVAC system and show relevant details regarding installation, materials used, efficiency of the systems, and so forth. The documents should outline performance criteria and expectations too.

Our goal is to help educate our customers about Plumbing, HVACR, Fire Protection, and Alarm Systems in Mechanical, Commercial, and Residential settings. For more information about HVAC design for single and multi-family construction and to view projects we’ve worked on, visit our website!

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