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HVAC Components and Spring Cleaning

Spring is the time of year to shake out the dust and schedule home projects. When you are writing down your spring cleaning checklist this season, don’t forget about cleaning your HVAC system. It’s an important preventive maintenance project that stretches your energy dollars til summer’s end. Sort through these tips to see which you can do and dog-ear the others for your HVAC contractor.

Air Filter

Start your HVAC spring cleaning with an easy yet invaluable task. Maintaining a clean air filter helps your HVAC system use less energy to cool your home. Use a high-efficiency filter for maximum results.

Air Vents

When you are cleaning your floor, vacuum or wipe down the air vents in your home, too. If you notice that your vents are overly dirty, look into the ductwork to see if they need to be professionally cleaned. Better yet, ask your HVAC technician to inspect your ductwork for optimal efficiency and cleanliness.

Indoor Unit

Spring into action cleaning your air conditioner for a more efficient and cleaner home. The evaporator coil and fins are your primary target, as they are the target of dust, grime and mold spores. A self-rinsing, disinfecting coil cleaner helps loosen and remove debris from the coil and inhibit mold and mildew growth.

Your HVAC technician performs this duty during HVAC preventive maintenance, but it helps to clean the coil again during the summer and at the end of the cooling months.

Outdoor Unit

Inspect the outdoor unit of your split-system central air system for tall vegetation or other obstructions to airflow. There should be three or four feet of clear access to the sides of the unit, which is where the condenser coil is located. Use the same coil cleaner to soak the condenser. Make sure you’ve turned off power during HVAC spring cleaning for safety.

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