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How Your Plumbing System Is Like A Summer Concert

The slow days of summer are the time to get outside and enjoy the many events and activities that your local community has to offer. For many, summer concerts in particular represent a reward for making it through the grueling days of winter. Much like these events, your home’s plumbing systems require artistry, harmony, and strong performance.

Plumbers as artists

Much like the conductor of a symphony or each musician using his or her instrument, it is the individual plumber’s skill that fundamentally determines how well the system performs. In installation, the plumber must ensure that no materials are wasted, that pipes and valves are organized to be easily maintained, and that each joint is wiped clean. Since one leaky joint can result in thousands of dollars in damages, it is truly an art to design and install a plumbing system that is simultaneously quiet, efficient, and free of leakage.

Working in harmony

A plumbing system consists of the water supply system, which is a network of pipes that draws in and distributes water, and the drainage system, which pulls dirty water down and out through drainpipes while maintaining flow via air vents. This is an ingeniously simple setup, but one that requires each system to work together to prevent plumbing problems and provide water to the home, much as each member of an orchestra or band must work together to produce music.

Following the rules

Accessing water through pumps or municipal water supplies both come with specific regulations that, similar to the basic rules of composing music, are designed ensure a strong performance. Common regulations include:

  • Licensed professionals install and connect plumbing systems.
  • Each fixture or appliance must have a shutoff valve to help isolate problems.
  • There must be enough vents to allow proper flow in drainage pipes.

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