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How You Should Be Caring For Your Windows

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Although the Delaware and Pennsylvania area’s winter storms and spring rains can leave your windows a mess, window maintenance isn’t only about cleaning. Proper care also improves the energy efficiency of your windows.

Check for Damage

At the end of winter, inspect your windows for damage such as cracks in the glass or the frame, gaps around the frame, rot, warping, and loose hinges. Test how easily they open and close. If you discover minor window maintenance issues, take care of these before you move on to weatherization.

Caulk and Weatherstripping

Once you’re sure your windows are in good condition, check the weatherstripping and caulk. Weatherstripping should compress slightly when the window is closed and caulk should be free of cracks. Remove deteriorated weatherization material and replaced it as part of routine window maintenance.

Use a putty knife or razor blade to remove old caulk, then clean the surface with a wire brush and household cleaner. Make sure the surface is clean, free of residue, and dry before you apply fresh caulk. Old weatherstripping can be removed either by simply pulling or with a pry bar. Remove any adhesive before reapplying weatherstripping.

Know When to Replace

If you have a draft you can feel standing a few feet from the window, weatherstripping won’t be enough to help, so replacing the window might be your best option for improving efficiency. Condensation inside the panes of double- or triple-paned windows means the seal has failed and it’s time to replace either the glass or the whole window.

Sash windows that are hard to open and close may need the sash cord replaced. These cords are located inside the sides of the window frame. If the sash cord isn’t the problem, the frame is probably warped and the window should be replaced.

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