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How to Spot Great HVAC Customer Service

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Hiring the right HVAC consultant can be daunting. Sure, you can ask friends and family for referrals and you can follow up with calls to references, but what then? How do you know you’re getting excellent service from your air conditioning and heating company?

There’s no one way to judge, but here are some factors to consider when you evaluate a company’s customer service. We think good HVAC customer service should look a lot like this:

Well-trained, customer-oriented and professionally certified technicians. Don’t hesitate to ask about a company’s training and certifications for its technicians, particularly about certification from the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) program. Ideally, technicians should be able to explain in some depth the benefits of the maintenance procedures performed during inspections, and in the case of repairs, why they are necessary.

One-stop service. Whenever possible, HVAC repairs should be completed within one scheduled service call. Keeping well-stocked trucks will facilitate this.

On-time arrival. A conscientious contractor won’t leave you dangling. If there’s going to be a delay, he or she lets you know as early as possible so you can adjust your schedule.

Jobs completed within timeline. Again, contractors should never leave you dangling, particularly when it comes to your furnace or A/C. Installations and repairs should take place and be completed within the agreed upon time frame.

Clear, reasonable and upfront pricing. The customer should not be shocked with any sudden price adjustments as the job progresses.

Background checks. The customer shouldn’t have to ask about this. It should be made clear during consultation or through the company website that technicians are trustworthy — that they are bonded and backgrounds have been thoroughly checked.

Customer guarantee. A company should be willing to guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction with the operation of the equipment installed or repaired.

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