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How the Several HVAC Systems in Your Home Impact Each Other

Your HVAC system is composed of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning components. While these may be thought of as separate systems, they all need to work together to deliver comfort and air quality in your home.

How Temperature is Controlled by HVAC Systems

Both the heating and cooling parts of your system are crucial for optimal temperature control. The climate in your home is controlled via heat transfer between your home’s air and the air outside. When you set your thermostat low and on “cool”, it signals your A/C to start removing heat.

When you need heat, the opposite situation triggers your furnace. Your ventilation system is composed of all the ducts, vents and fans that drive airflow and transport it. Your ventilation connects your rooms to the furnace and A/C, while also connecting different parts of your HVAC system to each other.

How Systems Affect Air Quality

Beyond temperature, indoor air quality is another important part of comfort. Unless you have an advanced filtration system, your HVAC system is your main way of keeping air quality high. The ventilation component keeps air flowing through your ducts so that it passes through your system’s air filter. An upgraded air filter can remove particles that are harmful to your health and your system’s efficiency.

Keeping a relatively low humidity is also important, and something that your A/C contributes to. When humidity is at its worst, in the summer, your A/C removes moisture by removing heat from air and creating condensation on its indoor coil. Many harmful micro-organisms, like mold, also thrive on heat, which is why keeping a moderate temperature year-round is also good for your home.

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