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How to Protect Your HVAC System When You’re Remodeling

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Home remodeling is a big undertaking that involves lots of decision-making and stress. Well before the work begins, you need to make plans to protect your HVAC system from harmful debris like wood shavings and drywall dust. To get targeted advice on what to do in your particular situation, you should discuss the project with your HVAC contractor. As a general guide, though, you can take the following steps.

Shut Down the HVAC System

Switch off the system at the thermostat, and flip the breaker(s) in your main electrical panel to ensure that debris doesn’t get pulled into the return ducts and onto sensitive components. Leaving the system shut off throughout the remodel is best, but if that’s not possible, limit its use to periods when no work is going on.

Be Proactive About Dust Control

Close and seal the registers and tarp off the construction area to keep dust contained. If you plan to run the HVAC equipment, change the air filter regularly, and ask your HVAC pro how many vents you can safely seal without restricting system airflow.

Ask Your Contractor to Cut and Sand Outside the House

Have cutting and sanding done outdoors or in the garage whenever possible to limit the amount of debris stirred up indoors. If it has to be done inside, make sure your contractor uses strategically-placed fans to send airborne debris outdoors.

Make Frequent Cleanups a Habit

Ideally, the area being remodeled should be swept and vacuumed at the end of each workday to keep dust and debris from accumulating.

Schedule a System Inspection and Cleaning

Once your remodeling project is finished, have the blower unit and evaporator coil inspected and cleaned, and replace the air filter before starting the HVAC system. To ensure good indoor air quality, it’s wise to have the ductwork professionally cleaned as well.

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