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How to Protect Your A/C Unit From Theft

At the local scrap yard, recycled copper can command a decent price. It may seem odd to you, but during a bad economy, the A/C condenser in your backyard, which contains a substantial amount of copper, may start to look tempting to thieves. Here are a few tips that can help you protect your A/C unit from theft and avoid the unnecessary expenses that follow.

  • Have your HVAC contractor mount the A/C condenser on a thick concrete pad, bolting it down securely during installation. If your system is already installed but lacking a concrete base, it may be possible but more difficult to add concrete pillars or a base to secure the system. A concrete pad not only deters theft, but it also provides a level surface that helps your system operate properly.
  • Install a cage around the outdoor unit. Several manufacturers offer cages made with steel bars or wire mesh that mount to a concrete pad or the side of your home, preventing unauthorized access to the condenser. Custom cages can also be easily assembled from welded lengths of concrete reinforcing bars. Cages offer one of the best deterrents to theft and can force thieves to look for easier targets.
  • Build a fence around the condenser. If a cage isn’t appropriate for your location, install a fence around the condenser to conceal it from view and deter or slow down any potential thieves.
  • Add an electronic A/C alarm that can connect to either the electric supply or to the refrigerant lines, notifying you if the power is cut or if refrigerant starts to leak.
  • Install a motion-activated floodlight, which may deter thieves who operate after dark.
  • For hard-to-protect installations, consider installing video cameras, mounted high enough that they can’t be easily damaged. Contact us today for more tips that can help protect your A/C unit from theft.

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