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How to Prevent Basement Flooding

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With the amount of rain we see year round in the Wilmington area, basement flooding is a real threat. With just a few basic precautions, however, you can prevent flooding and protect your home and belongings.

Keep the Water Away

Keep your gutters clean so they can properly direct runoff to the downspout. Make sure your downspouts end at least 3 feet away from your home’s foundation. Regularly clean the drain at the bottom of the steps leading from the yard to the basement. Grade the soil around your home’s perimeter to slope at least 2 inches per foot.

Inspect for cracks in the exterior of your foundation and your basements walls. Seal any cracks you find to prevent water from leaking in and causing basement flooding. If you have below-grade windows, install clear acrylic covers over the window wells to keep out not only rain, but also leaves and other debris.

Keep Your Sump Pump in Shape

If your sump pump is below grade, periodically check that the well it sits in is free of debris. This is especially important after a storm that may have required the pump to run. If your sump pump is the portable variety, make sure it sits in the lowest part of the basement and is connected to a power source. Every three or four months, test the sump pump by pouring in a bucket of water. The pump should turn on, drain the water, then shut off.

If it doesn’t, the problem could be a stuck float or debris caught in the impeller. If you can’t solve the problem, contact a technician. A sump pump can’t run without power, so consider investing in a backup generator that’s at least large enough to run the pump if the power goes out during a storm.

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