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How to Minimize Condensation on Your Home’s Windows

Condensation on the windows in your home may cause some problems during both the winter and summer months. Excessive condensation can lead to the growth of mold, and it can cause damage to your house. It is important to minimize condensation in your house to prevent costly repair bills or potential health issues. Luckily there are some straightforward methods that homeowners can use to combat condensation.

How to minimize condensation

  • Storm windows or windows with double or triple glazing should ideally be installed to combat condensation in your home.
  • Do not use any humidifiers in your house and make sure that the furnace humidifier is also switched off.
  • Make use of ventilation exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms to expel moist air.
  • Keep the fireplace damper open to allow for the escape of moisture.
  • Air out your house a couple of times a day and look at airing out the kitchen and bathrooms after use.
  • Vent all gas burners and clothes driers to the outside and check the vents for debris and leaks once a year.

If the solutions above do not work, you need to contact your local professional HVAC contractor for help. You may have to install ventilation fans, outdoor venting for your gas-burning appliances or exhaust fans to fix the problem. Strangely enough one of the main reasons why more people struggle with condensation problems today is because of improvements in home construction. Our homes are built using products that prevent moisture from escaping and that allows us to heat or cool our homes with a fraction of the energy that was needed a decade ago.

For more information and expert advice on how to minimize condensation and other issues related to home comfort, please contact Sobieski Services, Inc. We have been proudly serving the Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey area since 1987.

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