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How to Landscape the Area Around Your Outdoor A/C Unit

Your A/C is more functional than beautiful, but while you never really have to see the indoor component, it’s hard to hide the outdoor unit — or is it? Landscaping the area around your outdoor A/C unit will not only hide it from view, but will also make your yard more visually appealing and provide energy-saving shade. Read on to learn how to strategically plant trees and shrubs to get the most from your cooling system.

Stay in the Clear

Providing adequate clearance around and above the outdoor unit is vital to avoid hampering airflow. Leave a minimum of three feet of clearance on all sides and five feet from the top. Avoid building anything structural above the A/C like a porch or deck. Trim plants as needed to maintain the perimeter and allow easy access for maintenance or repairs.

Don’t Forget Shade

Shade producing plants help to lower the temperature of the area around the outdoor unit so it doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home. The reduced demand will help prolong the life span of your equipment, as well as increase efficiency.

Best Plants for Landscaping the Area Around Your Outdoor A/C Unit

While there’s no one perfect solution, consider the following:

  • Look for plants that don’t lose their leaves in cooler weather to reduce maintenance and debris.
  • Consider planting hedges, which can be trimmed and shaped as desired.
  • Avoid trees or shrubs that are dense enough to prohibit the flow of air around the unit.
  • Install inexpensive lattice work around the unit, training vines or other climbing plants to cover it.
  • Plant ground cover rather than leaving loose dirt or sand around the base of the A/C. Wind or rain can stir up the dirt, which may make it’s way inside and cause damage to parts.

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