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How to Know You’re Working With a Quality HVAC Company

A lot depends on your home’s HVAC system, from comfort to home safety, and the contractor you choose will impact both, along with your energy bills. A good contractor will have a strong reputation for customer service, along with all required legal certifications and industry certifications.

When considering an HVAC contractor, look for:

Licenses and Certifications

  • Most states require HVAC contractors to be licensed and have insurance and bonding. Before hiring any contractor, verify that their licenses are active and their insurance policies are in force.
  • NATE. Short for North American Technician Excellence, a NATE-certified contractor has achieved the highest performance standards in the HVAC industry. Only a small percentage of applicants pass NATE’s stringent tests and requirements. NATE requires recertification every two years.
  • Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor. Both online organizations single out exceptional contractors by geographic area. Their criteria are based on eligibility, performance and customer service.
  • BBB. This independent organization reports customer ratings for companies, and is one of the most trusted sources for finding reliable contractors. Their highest rating is A+, a rating that Sobieski Services enjoys.
  • NCI. The National Comfort Institute certifies contractors who meet their high standards for HVAC, electrical and plumbing design and installation requirements.

Referrals and Local Reputation

Ask your friends, neighbors and coworkers for HVAC contractor recommendations based on their first-hand experiences. When you’re working with a contractor unknown to you, make sure you get a list of recent clients for references.

While customer service is central to choosing a good contractor, having the top professional credentials assures you that the job will be done correctly and safely. We at Sobieski Services, Inc. want to help our customers in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland learn about home comfort and energy issues to live in healthier and more comfortable homes.

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