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How to Keep Your House Cool When It’s Full of Guests

Summer weather can be great when you’re at the beach or enjoying an evening walk, but when your home is packed with guests it can start to feel a bit like a swamp. If you’re like most people, that’s when you reach for the thermostat. However, that A/C may have to work extra hard, costing you more money if you’re not smart about it and don’t take other measures to keep your house cool. Use this basic guide to help you keep the thermostat where it is while still keeping your guests comfortable.

Use a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans work to make the skin feel several degrees cooler through a wind-chill factor. However, make sure you turn them off when everyone leaves the room since fans don’t actually cool the air, just people. Open up the windows at night… …to let the cool breeze in without running the air conditioner. Make sure those windows are shut before mid-morning though, because if they aren’t you’ll just be letting all the cool air out and a lot of hot air in.

Your air conditioner will have to work harder to battle all of that hot air, too. Keep appliances that generate heat away… …from your thermostat. Turn all heat-generating appliances off when they’re not in use as well. Cover and shade the outside compressor… …without blocking the flow of air. This can help the A/C unit to cool your home without working so hard, making it more efficient. Tall grasses and plant cover are ideal and attractive around your home. Have your air conditioner maintained by a professional. Annual inspections of your air conditioner can keep it running smoothly and help you avoid minor problems that turn into costly repairs down the road.

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