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How Forced Air Furnaces Do Their Jobs

Forced air furnaces provide an energy-efficient way of heating your home. The gas-fueled versions are the most common type of furnace used in America today, and continue to be the heating system of choice in most parts of the country. They are easily installed and usually are compatible with the ductwork and gas lines already in your home. Because of their ability to circulate large volumes of air relatively quickly, they provide nearly instant comfort, and do so at an affordable price compared to electric baseboard systems.

A Forced Air Furnace System Includes the Following Components:

  • Thermostat (programmable or standard)
  • A blower motor and fan
  • A heating chamber with burners and heat exchanger(s)
  • An air filter
  • Ductwork connected to the furnace on one end and vents and registers on the other
  • Pilot light or electronic ignition (newer models)

A forced air furnace works by drawing cool air from various points in the home, forcing the air through a filter and heating chamber and then back out into the home. A thermostat placed in a central location sends a signal to the furnace to kick on when the interior temperature of the home drops below the set point. The furnace will then turn on and run until the temperature of the home reaches the pre-determined setting on the thermostat. A fan or blower system will continue to run for a short period of time to help move the warm air throughout the entire home. Most forced air furnaces are fueled by natural gas, and less common, heating oil or propane.

The best forced air furnaces on the market today are designed to extract the maximum amount of heat energy during the combustion and exhaust process, with Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency levels running 90-98 percent. Standard-efficiency models are usually around AFUE 80 percent. The right type of air filter installed in a forced air furnace will remove the majority of airborne contaminants and dust particles found in the air. This results in improved air quality and reduced risk of respiratory illnesses for people who live in the home. Please contact us for more information about your options when shopping for a forced air furnace.

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